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Next-Gen Drone Technology Ushering In a New Era of Aerial Photography

The Future of Drone Technology with respect to Film and Television

At the moment, there are two sides to the drone industry. The first is involved in the development of drones that are lighter, smaller, have more powerful cameras and can be deployed almost anywhere to great effect. The second is involved in the development of drones which are more portable as well as sleek, and tremendously capable in terms of imagery, to that point where they can be used to shoot video for feature films by some of the biggest production houses.
There is also a third side which focuses mostly on unmanned transport vehicles to replace helicopters and such, however that technology is separate from the one that is bound to usher in a new era in terms of aerial photography.

Major Players in Drone Tech Development

Until now, some major Western companies have proven their dominance in drone technology; however, there are some major players in the market as of now. Chinese companies are starting to dominate the consumer drone industry.
Perhaps the greatest sign of the drone revolution in the photography industry is the myriad of major camera companies who are starting to focus more on drone tech for their imaging products.
In conclusion; drone technology is here to stay, and has proven in the past to be very capable and versatile. The time when our skies are peppered with flying cameras is not very far!

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