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Jillen Lippincott Miamiaerial

Jillen Lippincott was born in New York City and spent her early years moving around the country with her family who’s patriarch was employed by General Electric, finally landing in Connecticut where she attended high school. She majored in communications at Centenary College in Hacketstown, NJ.
Jill moved to Miami in October 1976 and in 1986 she became studio manager for Morphoto, Inc. where she handles all the day-to-day office functions including estimating and invoicing, accounting and production.

In 2012, Paul and Jill, along with their partner, Hagen Rottke, founded Miami Aerial, LLC in order to capitalize on the upsurge in the usage of aerial photography and video for advertising and promotion.
Jill has been instrumental in the organization and development of the company fielding inquires for both large and small projects. She liaises with clients determining needs and associated costs and produces the shoots. Jill also handles all the regular operations of the company.

Paul Morris
Hagen Rottke